Ebola Outbreak Shuts Down Malaria-control Efforts – Scientific American

By contrast, malaria killed more than 6,300people in those countries in 2012, most of them young children. Overall, malaria deaths have fallen by about 30% in Africa since 2000 thanks to national programmes supported by international funding agencies such as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the US Agency for International Development and the WHOs Roll Back Malaria initiative. The schemes distribute free bed nets to protect sleeping children from mosquitoes, train health workers to find malaria cases and offer tests and treatment at no charge to patients. But the Ebola outbreak has brought those efforts to a standstill in the three affected countries. Nobody is doing a thing, says Thomas Teuscher, acting executive director of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Can Poetry Help End Malaria? | Maria Shriver

The scientists wanted to know how well they were being understood, so they brought in a poet to serve as a strainer. Whatever your minds webbing catches, one scientist told me, will help us see our own fields from another perspective. [Read Maria Shriver, “Do You Have The Strength to Be Exactly Who You Are?”] here. Back to the blank word document. Back to talking to myself: Its one of the most devastating diseases in the history of humanity. Can poetry combat it? Am I losing my mind for thinking maybe? Questions laced with doubt.


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